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Unpopular Opinion: Are Influencers The New Celebrity?

These with Youtubes, Instagram, and Tiktoks there many new influencers that arising every single day, it just as simple as doing a TikTok dance move and uploading it, and boom! You are famous with I million views and several thousand followers. But how does this happen?

It’s depending on how creative, talented, attractive, and at the same time how much valuable and entertainment you put in your content. If all this checks out for you, then you are most probably a social media influencer. Well if you are not, then you are here for the tea.

network marketing software

What Is An Influencer?

An influencer is someone who has already established a brand or name in a specific industry. Most of the time this person is very famous and has a high amount of followers on their social media platforms. Majority of the time people adore and appreciate the content such as entertaining videos or the perfect flawless pictures that the influencers post. These are normal people who have built a reputation for their expertise and opinions on topics that their audience keen on. They definitely have to put work on getting to that spot which is uploading daily or regular content on their social media platforms. The more regular and entertaining their content is, the more followers they gain. Influencers will also do sponsors and endorsements, influencing their followers to buy or purchase the brand’s product and services.

So Is Influencers Similar To Celebrity?

Honestly, celebrity is the initial influencers, they are actors, models, singers, politicians, tv hosts, and those have names in the television media. It was the first that businesses choose to do influencer marketing. Brand companies knew that using a celebrity to market and promote their product will influence more people into purchasing it. The thing is, most of these celebrities are high paid people, thus making certain brands have the difficulties to make the celebrities participate in their influencer campaign. But not all celebrities can promote the brand products to the brand’s targeted audience.

But with social media influencers, have developed a reputation online for providing and producing content that targets a specific category. These social media influencers have excellent engagement skills and communication techniques with their audience. They have earned the title to be expert and professional in the content category that they are providing. So when a specific company uses this influencer to promote their specific brand, they might get the chance of getting more buyers.

For example, let’s take James Charles, his brand is all about makeup and cosmetics,s and thus he gets makeup companies such as Morphe to promote their makeup product, despite him being a controversial influencer. This company is lowkey using this influencer as their network marketing software

So are they the new celebrity? Yes, they are because this influencer not just having lots of followers but has fans that are willing to buy the product that they are promoting on their platform.

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