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Tips To Buy Fresh Chicken

Need some advice to buy fresh chicken?

Have you experienced that, when your mother asking you to buy a chicken, you get scolded instead of being complimented? It happens to me many times previously. The reason is, I always buy not fresh chicken. So, I started to search and learn how to determine whether the chicken is still in good condition or not before buying it and below are the tips that not only me who uses it but others too.

1. Colors

Before you decide to buy a chicken, pay attention to the colors of the chicken. Fresh chicken usually has pinkish hues. While if the chicken colors started fades to grey, it means the chicken has begun to spoil. If the color starts to look duller, it means the chicken will go bad anytime soon. However, if the color has turned to grey, the only thing you can do is throw the chicken to the trash can.

2. Texture

Fresh chicken should feel springy at the time you touch it. But if the chicken has started to feel slimy even after washing, it indicates the chicken is spoiled. The chicken must be felt slippery at the touch of it and not sticky or stiff.

3. Smells

Fresh chicken usually does not have a bad odor. If the chicken smells like rotten eggs or dead rats, there are high possibilities it has spoiled. If the chicken has begun to have an unpleasant or strong odor, it is best to discard it.

4. Blood on joint part of the chicken

Blood on the chicken indicates that the meat has been frozen and thawed a few times. The outer part of the chicken joint usually white, but if it has been frozen and defrost for a few times, the joint will look red. You should not use the chicken anymore because there are possibilities bacteria have contaminated it.

It is essential to buy fresh chicken because the not-so-fresh could have contaminated with bacteria. That is why you should trust fresh chicken supplier Singapore when it comes to providing raw chicken.

Here’s a video about organic frozen food!

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