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Winning Big 2 People Who Scored Some Of The Highest Wins In A Casino

Winning Big 2 People Who Scored Some Of The Highest Wins In A Casino

Winning Big: 2 People Who Scored Some Of The Highest Wins In A Casino

Casinos – you either win big, or you lose bigger.

Casinos, as many people are aware, operate on the notion of chance. In a casino, nothing is guaranteed – no win is a surefire one, and every loss may come to you within the same margin of chance as a win. So when it comes to gambling, you bargain every coin you put down on that risk – and more often than not, you see yourself either winning small gains, or losing all the money you frittered on that chance.

But sometimes, every once in a blue moon, a person bargains their money on the slim hope of big gains – and wins it. Considering how casinos operate to lose as little of their money as possible, the chance of winning large sums of money from them is almost infinitesimally small. A sliver, a whisper; barely an echo in the cavern of casino earnings. So when someone actually goes to a trusted casino Malaysia or anywhere in the world and actually manages to win that chance, it’s pretty big news indeed!

So if you’re curious who in the history of the gambling world has actually managed to earn huge while gambling in casinos, here are 2 people who scored some of the highest wins!

1. Jon Heywood

Jon Heywood was just an ordinary 26 year-old soldier hailing from Cheshire when he won one of the largest online casino gaming wins in history. Betting on online casino malaysia on in 2015, the soldier probably didn’t expect to get too much out of his money – and certainly not a humongous 13 million euro win that stunned the entire world and actually broke the world record for highest online jackpot win!

Heywood, upon getting the money, was stunned by his win but incredibly heartwarming in the ways he wanted to spend it. In an interview with Sun, the soldier told the world how the first thing he wanted to use the money for was on medical aid for his sick father.

2. Elmer Sherwin

Winning big in the lottery once is already a pretty incredible feat, considering the odds – but twice?

Elmer Sherwin was a 92 year-old World War 2 Veteran in 2005 when he won his second Megabucks Jackpot. His first occurred way back in 1989, when he won a whopping $4.6 million just 10 hours after the Mirage casino (wherein he placed his famous first bet) had been first opened to the public. Even all these years, it seemed Lady Luck still decided to smile down on him – for when he betted a second time at Cannery Casino in LA, he won an even bigger figure of $21 million from the Megabucks Jackpot.

Sherwin was a sweet man who did a lot of good with his winnings; donating large sums of it to Hurricane Katrina relief and also to support his family. While Sherwin has since passed away in 2007, this WW2 veteran will have always made his mark in gambling history as an incredibly lucky two-time winner of the famous Megabucks Jackpot.

Casinos are interesting places of chance and uncertainty; where luck holds all the value and skill can take you places that are never as far as certain victory. Still, there have been people out there in the world that have scored huge winnings in the uncertain world of casino gambling, betting, and lottery – and who’s to say that future contenders won’t win even more and vy for the throne of biggest wins in the world?

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