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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace My Job As A Copywriter?

Today is the age of artificial intelligence. Our powers with AI are unlimited. We are designers, writers, illustrators, marketers, scientists, and philosophers with the help of artificial intelligence. Predictions were made that Artificial intelligence will be the ultimate doom to our jobs one day. Accountants are scared to lose their job to a bunch of smart bots operating online. Writers are legitimately scared of their job being replaced by artificial intelligence in the future. 

As for content writers and copywriters whose work is mildly assisted by AI and technical work, are their jobs safe? Will they be replaced as copywriters one day? Who will write the product descriptions better? A human or a smart bot specialized to write the best against the thousands available on the internet? 

My fear peaked the day I saw Jarvis, an artificially intelligent copywriter that does all my work for clients. Whether it be branding service Malaysia or any other part of the world, their reliance on humans for accuracy and creativity is reaching a limitation. Designers used to be scouted and searched for before AI took over. Their work is now done with the help of Logo generators and simple branding AI bots that help us with our own marketing activities. So the fear of being replaced as copywriters is perfectly valid. After all, how can we compete against the smart bots that can search through millions of articles in a second and come up with something completely unique, and hundred percent optimized for the search engine? 

There is no certain guarantee that AI will truly replace us. Whether they do or they do not, these applications still need the human touch and words to advance the progression of Artificial intelligent copywriting. Which is something that is impossible without marketers, writers, and content creators. While AI copywriters are unbelievably advanced, yet their prices do not compare to a human copywriter. They are cheaper and often happen to be a one-time expense. Many businesses consider this a lifetime of investment for their copywriting needs. They have thousands of product descriptions to write and no money and resources to waste. Betting on AI to do our job is truly efficient for businesses. 

Despite all the glories of AI copywriters, it will never truly beat the human touch. As far as copywriting as well as content writing such as blogs and articles go, Artificial intelligence can come up with something that is truly optimized and first on the google search. Since the work is heavily technical, the writing can be incredibly technical as well. The creativity of having a human write is missing out in the AI copywriting job. 

Companies also do not want to risk losing their personal connection with customers by bringing a robotic copywriter to do their social media headlines. If your customers were to ever find out that your content does not come from earnest and honest work, it might feel like deception. It also affects trust, reliability as well as credibility.

Branding and marketing that composes of copywriting jobs require a human touch. No matter how advanced artificial intelligent gets, there is no replacement for the human touch. 

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