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What Do You Study In Accounting?

What Do You Study In Accounting?

Accounting is one of the most sought after courses in Malaysia. Even with so many people graduating, there is still a lot of demand for professionals in the field. Basically, every company, of any size, needs an accountant to record financial activities, prepare the balance sheet and take care of taxes, among other functions.

A good part of an accountant’s job is to guide the company’s manager to make decisions related to finance, as well as how to operate in the market without exceeding the limits of the law. This means that the accountant can work as a consultant to these entrepreneurs, or even as an employee of the organization. You can also open an office and serve individuals and legal entities.

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Understand How The Accounting Course Is

Accounting is the perfect course for those interested in Mathematics and Economics, it involves many subjects related to these areas, such as Cost Analysis, Tax Planning, Cost Accounting, and Accounting Expertise.

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Check out some of the subjects that you can find throughout the four years of the Accounting course:

Cost Analysis: It enables the professional to provide useful financial information for the management of a business, such as costs incurred in relation to what was in the budget, for example.

Audit of Financial Statements: Teaches techniques for verifying the accounting operations carried out in the companies, analyzing whether the records are in accordance with the law.

Basic Accounting: Introduces Malaysian accounting, its historical and contemporary characteristics and which are the regulatory bodies.

Advanced Accounting: Helps the student to prepare accounting reports.

Commercial Accounting: How to apply accounting in commercial businesses, their characteristics, what are the taxes related to commercial activity and how to carry out commercial financial statements.

Tax Accounting and Planning: Studies tax legislation and teaches how to handle a company’s taxes so that it is within the law.

Management Accounting: How to assist managers of organizations with regard to Accounting so they can make better decisions.

Government Accounting: How to prepare the budget for municipal, state and federal administrations, in addition to classifying public revenues and expenditures and understanding the laws governing the fiscal responsibility of public servants.

International Accounting: How to harmonize accounting laws and procedures in the Malaysian, American and European context, how to carry out currency conversion processes for reports from companies with branches or headquarters abroad.

Commercial Law: It studies commerce and Commercial Law, addressing the rights, duties and obligations of entrepreneurs, in addition to the forms of legal constitution of companies.

Financial and Budget Management: Financial management techniques aimed at the profit of organizations.

Accounting Expertise: Presents the concepts, rules and procedures for carrying out accounting expertise – issuing reports or opinions on the accounting of people or organizations involved in legal proceedings.

Accounting Theory: Teaches the principles of Accounting, with the theoretical concepts necessary for professional practice.

Professional Ethics: Uses everyday examples to exemplify ethical and moral problems and dilemmas faced by accountants

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