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What Are The Advantages Of Metal Roofing Tiles Over Traditional Tiles?

The overall structure of the material of metal composite tiles is good, the ability to apply deformation is strong, compared with traditional materials such as concrete, metal sheets are more easily adapted to changes in the temperature of the roof surface, as long as the construction is properly designed, waterproofing and drainage performance effect will achieve good results.

Metal roofs are widely applicable to residential communities, hotels, personal buildings, tourist attractions, buildings with steel, wooden and concrete structures. Metal tiles are green and environmentally friendly products that do not cause harm to the human body or the environment. The tiles are lapped in a horizontal precise lap, allowing the tiles and roof to be installed sturdily and can withstand powerful rain and snow, ensuring that the roof does not leak. If you do need the installation, you can check the metal roof expert, RGS for further information. 

Beautiful shape

There are two types of tiles, European and traditional, which can give the building roof a smooth curve, the metal roofing tile a sense of concave and convex layers and the thick sense of natural stone, which can perfectly show the different architectural aesthetics of western and oriental architecture and enhance the taste and grade of the building. 

Super long life

It adopts high quality imported or domestic steel plates as the substrate, and the surface is protected by seven layers of aluminium and zinc plating, molecular resin and natural stone particles, which makes it have a strong temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance and other properties and a long life span; firm and safe: it adopts a unique waterproof, windproof and nailing design, which makes the fit between tile and tile closer and the connection between tile and roof stronger, so that the roofing system composed of metal tiles has a strong resistance to heavy rain, snow and wind. 

Ease of construction.

The thickness and weight of metal roofing tiles are only equivalent to about 1/6 of ordinary cement tiles and ceramic tiles, which is very light and easy to cut and bend, and there are matching node fittings, which makes the construction more simple, fast and easy, and it is also very convenient to construct in layer buildings and buildings with large slope.  


Metal roofing tiles have a large area, lightweight and easy to carry, and can be constructed in the low-temperature season by dry work, and make the consumption of by-products small, saving the cost of handling, reducing the consumption of materials, improving the construction efficiency and reducing the cost of the project.  

Green and environmentally friendly

All metal roof tiles are made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials such as metal sheets, natural stone particles and water-based acrylic resin, which are truly environmentally friendly products.

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