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Very high speed: definition and advantages in 6 points

The advantages of very high speed are numerous, but do you know how much it can influence the life of your business? So today here is a little step back to understand how all this has evolved and what are now the underlying issues for companies.

Advantages of very high speed: back to basics

Advantages 1 – Time saving

Imagine if you could save a minute per hour of work. If you work 8 hours a day, that’s an extra hour a week or half a day that you earn each month. THD internet is definitely a time saver. 

As you have no longer to wait for the internet to show the entreated page, you also are less unfocussed. Faster internet access will let you to emphasis on one thing at a time; and therefore that what you need to do, be done. As a reminder, very high speed internet access offers a speed greater than 30 megabits per second.

Advantages 2 – Saving money

Some people think that the prices of pro internet plans are prohibitive. But, if these internet subscriptions are offered at this price, there is a reason. A technical reason and not a marketing one.

Advantages 3 – Reliability

The unifi broadband package fiber optic network allows data to be transmitted at the speed of light. According to the Very High Speed ​​France Plan, the deployment of a fiber network should offer the same technical advantage to all companies. The deployment of fiber will make it possible to offer services and offers adapted to companies and their new needs. Millions of households and businesses in urban and rural areas will have access to at least 30 mbit.

Advantages of very high speed – 4 – IP telephony

Dial-up telephony is gradually disappearing. As it is been told you earlier, phones are now connected to the internet. From now on, subscriptions for analog lines and T0 packages are replaced by VoIP packages.

Advantages 5 – The cloud

Cloud computing has evolved rapidly over the past decades. With THD technology, it can now deliver processing power that is not dependent on your machines.

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