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Top MLM Companies In Malaysia

Top MLM Companies In Malaysia

In the business industry, the shortened form of <a href = ““> multi level marketing Malaysia</a>, MLM Malaysia, has been propagated around the nation as controversial and questionable for their marketing tactics and business ethics. In fact, MLM in Malaysia has a higher multilevel marketing per capita compared to the US. 

MLM is a business strategy which encourages existing distributors to recruit new members to distribute products. The profit received will be split into two, to the distributors and to the new recruits. Close in nature with pyramid scheme, MLM is a legalized version where the person at the top makes the most money compared to those below their levels. 

Network marketing is generally illegal when you think about it, yet these companies are still thriving on its ground to this very day. So here are the top MLM companies in Malaysia that you may or may not heard of and still operating actively today:

  1. Cosway

Cosway is one of the most popular companies in Malaysia, providing health products to home & living essentials. It may not be well known to its consumers to be a part of MLM, but some may find it shocking for them to even be under such business. It is a native direct sales company founded in 1990 which acts like a mall without needing to go out as it offers a wide range of products. Cosway products can be bought online and you can go through its catalogues to make your purchase. Its most famous products would be their beauty line like Bioglo Collagen Peptide Essence Mask.

  1. Edmark

Founded in 1984 by Sam Low Ban Chai, Edmark is a Malaysian company who pursue direct sales and has been spreading its influence around the world. It has grown as one of the huge MLM companies which majorly sells health products, such as weight loss, energy drinks and more well-being improvements. Their most popular products are Spirulina Tablets and Shake Off Phyto Fiber. 

  1. Amway

This company is the most unexpected one as this is originally from the US, but yes, Amway has their own headquarters in Malaysia. In fact, they have been here in the country for a long time, earning its title as one of the oldest MLM companies in Malaysia. The Amway nutritional supplements are the huge grabs besides its other wide range of products, such as vitamins and weight loss products.

  1. DXN  

In 1993, Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin established a company and has been booming his business after the primary products of DXN, Ganoderma (miracle mushroom) have been selling good as well as other high quality products. Many Malaysians viewed DXN as a gold mine to earn extra income.

  1. Atomy

A Korean direct sales company which has grown meticulously throughout Asia and the South Pacific. Founded in 2009, Atomy has its own headquarters in Malaysia, and its representatives have been enjoying its financial independence. Atomy sells beauty products, with its best-selling Evening Care 4 Set and Foam Cleanser. Atomy won an excellence award in 2013.

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