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Things To Do When Your Internet Is Down

We don’t always have the luxury of the internet. Sometimes it happens to come and go. There happens to be a human error or a technical error for the root of the problem. 

But either way, when the problem presents itself, there is no escaping right? We are stuck with boredom and nowhere to go. So let’s take a trip back to the pre-internet era, and ask ourselves. What would we do if there is no internet? 

There are so many things we can do without the internet. While the internet opens up wonders, the outside world equally opens up wonders.

Go Out For A Stroll

A stroll is sometimes all we need for the daily exercise and the daily potion of nature. When the internet is down, a stroll never sounded so good. We get to explore things that we explore on our Instagram feed in real life. We see plants, butterflies, beautiful skyscrapers, and even more. Being born and raised in Malaysia means we have an unlimited number of parks to stroll around and beautiful modern skyscrapers to watch 

Go Shopping For Home Decor 

Home is where our heart is and our heart is at things we love and people we love. So it is important that we shop for the little things that have sentimental value. Whether it is installing a glass wall with the help of a Hufcor Glasswall Specialist or getting a cute lamp for yourself for Ikea, it can hold invaluable meaning for you. And it is important to have little things that you find happiness in. 

Read A Book

Books are for our soul. While the internet has thousands of books online, nothing beats the feeling of reading a book in an old-fashioned way. Holding the book, scrolling through it, and imagining every little thing to take you into a new world, is a joy that is indescribable. 

And books have so many genres. Are you a horror fan? Maybe a romance fan? Or a sucker for psychological thrillers and crime stories that are nonfiction? There is a book for you out there that suits your taste buds and fulfills your cravings. 

Books are also a great way to open up your mind to new opportunities. It can give you new perspectives in life and improve the social aspect of your life. Internet is not the only thing that buds the socialness. Books are great conversation starters. 

And here is the kicker! Books can be read anywhere. They can be read on the bus, on the train, on a grass field, near your comfort corner in the library, or even on a flight. You cannot beat the power of a good book on a long journey, especially if the internet is down. 

Have A Picnic In The Park 

Picnics are all the rage now and here is a trend that everyone can get on board! Picnics are a great way to build closer relationships, bond over food and cute pictures, and enjoy nature. You can cook anything you desire for your picnic and bring as many as decorations you can. This is your own lovely form of art. 

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