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The Smartest Steps For The Best TTDI Condo For Sale

Too high a price will deter potential buyers and lengthen the time to sell your home. This is why it is important to set a realistic and competitive selling price for your KLCC property or TTDI apartment. You can do this by comparing your home to those that are for sale or that have recently been sold in your neighborhood. Also take into account the elements likely to influence the value of your property: year of construction, materials used, land, condition of the building, etc. Your broker for ttdi condo for sale should guide you through this step. Are you selling your house yourself? Use a chartered appraiser, a neutral professional empowered to set the price of a property.

Any owner should do a thorough cleaning before opening the door to visitors. Windows, carpets, walls, ceilings, joints around the tub and sinks… your TTDI property must be free of dust, dirt and bad smells. First impressions have a huge impact on how a potential buyer perceives their visit.

Maximize the value of your property

Real estate professionals are unanimous: by making your home welcoming, you help it find a buyer. To create a good atmosphere, follow the rules of home staging. Cleanse and depersonalize your decor, harmonize and refresh your interior, repair apparent defects and rely on sober and relaxing lighting.

Be transparent

The watchword: transparency. Water infiltration occurred last spring? Even if you have repaired the damage, mention the incident in your report. This will allow you to avoid possible legal proceedings. If you have any doubts about the condition of your home, have it inspected before you put it up for sale.

Know your rights and obligations

Did you know that a seller is responsible for defects in his house, even if he did not know of them? Familiarize yourself with the sales process, the rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer.

Know everything about paperwork

If you wish to sell by yourself, consult in advance the forms (promise to purchase, annexes, etc.) that will be used during the process of selling the property. You will be able to read and demystify without pressure and not in the euphoria caused by a tempting offer, all the subtleties of these legal documents. If any questions remain, consult your notary or the OACIQ website for more information.

Sell first, buy next

Are you planning to buy your future property before closing the sale of your home? This practice, alas, quite common could make you lose big. What if the interested person withdraws his offer after the inspection of your property? What if no other buyer shows up at your door? You may be forced to lower your price, or worse, have two residences on your hands.

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