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Popular Casino Games in South-East Asia

There is a huge gambling scene in Asia, and it only continues to grow as the region’s economy continues to expand and grow. With this increase in wealth, some may take it to the casino or log in to online ones, such as the top online casino Malaysia, and place some bets or play some games. We take a look at the most popular casino games in South-East Asia.


This game is not hard to play, in fact, it is very easy to learn. The reason why it is a loved game in the region is that there is no sure way or technique to win, it’s all by chance and to some, by fate. While games like poker may require some strategy and strategic thinking, there is no need for that in baccarat. There are no cheeky tricks or hacks to win, it truly is all by chance.

The rules of the game may differ in the individual game you are playing.  For example on big table baccarat, there is no dealer position, the deal is rotated between each player, and that player may choose not to deal. 


This Japanese based game is rather similar to pinball. In fact, it is like a mix of pinball and slots. The game has evolved a lot over the years and is most popular in Asian countries than in others. The first instances of the game go way back to the 1900s, it used to involve trying to get a ball into a hole on a horizontal board, and the rewards were usually sweets or tobacco for adults, in the gambling world, the reward is, you guessed it, money. 

Today, the objective of the game is more or less the same, trying to get the balls into the right pockets or slots. There are many themes and variants with pachinko machines, it’s like a little show! Similar to Baccarat, this game is all based on luck. No skill is needed, which makes it rather popular as the beliefe of luck and fortune is big in Asia. 


You may have already heard of Mahjong, there are non-gambling versions of it but in Asia, it is very much a gambling game you will find in casinos, online and offline alike. The game is played with domino tiles, a dice determines who the dealer will be and then he or she will place 13 tiles, face down, to each player. The players then turn their tiles face up and make a wall with them before pairing them into sets of threes and fours. The game carries on as each player picks up a tile from the wall in order to get a winning hand when they do, they help the tile and announce “Mahjong!” 

The reason for its popularity in Asia is because it was made there, and requires the player to always be alert and fast at making decisions that are imperative to the chances of winning. 

Sic Bo

This ancient Chinese game has been played for thousands of years and has made it all over the world, but it is still not as popular as it is in Asian casinos. The game involves a dice, and the player guessing what faces the dice will show. There are 3 dice, the player may choose to wager on one, two or all three of them, and involves placing some chips on sections of the table. The dealer then rolls the dice, if it lands on the face the player bet on, they win! 

Like most of the popular gambling games in Asia, this is a game of chance and luck, no skill needed. It is also very fast paste, which is what also makes Sic Bo popular.

And those were some of the popular games you can find being played in a casino in South-East Asia, so the next time you go to one, try to have a go at them! But remember, responsible gambling is a must, don’t walk into a deeper hole, and know when to walk away!

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