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How to Prepare Your Phone Before Having it Repaired

How to Prepare Before Having It Repaired

If you need to have your phone repaired, you should only entrust this to a phone repair specialist. They are your best option and you can be sure that your phone is in good hands. However, you also need to do your part like preparing your phone to be opened by another person.

What you should do?

1. Those data that you made for your eyes only, you should remove them. Maybe you can transfer them to another storage, so the technician won’t be able to see them.

2. Remove the accessories of your phone as well like the casing, and some other decors you have probably attach to it.

3. If there is a sim card, you should remove it also.

4. If by chance you are using a postpaid phone, you should inform your carrier so that it will be deactivated while it is still in the repair shop.

Indeed, this is a lot of work. But then again, if the phone repair technician is someone you just met, this is a must. Unless you will just decide to trust him. You should be prepared for the outcome then and make sure to approach a good iphone service center malaysia.

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