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How To Choose The Right Drainage System

The purpose of any drainage system is to collect rainwater and drain it from the building. Drainage systems can carry not only a functional, but also a decorative purpose, harmoniously combining the roofing material and the architecture of the facade into an integral picture. Gutters can fundamentally change the visual experience of a home. You can consult this matter with gutter installation malaysia.

The drainage system can be internal and external. Internal gutters are most often used in high-rise buildings with a flat roof, where the downpipes are located in the building structure.

The choice of the drainage system

The choice of a drainage system should be given attention even at the design stage of the house. The deadline for guaranteeing a competent choice and installation of a drainage system for your home is the beginning of roofing work. After all, the designer and the owner of the house must link many issues.

Gutter design tasks

First, you need to know the total area of ​​the future roof and each slope separately. This will allow you to calculate the required throughput of the future drainage system, as well as determine the size of the gutter and the diameter of the drain pipes.

Secondly, you need to draw up a preliminary plan for the placement of drainage elements.. When working with the plan, it is necessary to take into account that the gutters of the gutters should be placed at the lowest points of the gutter system, but so that the funnels (storm collectors) are not located opposite windows, doors and do not spoil the architecture of the building as a whole.

Thirdly, it is necessary to choose the material from which the drainage system will be made, and its color. There is something to think about here, because the choice of materials and colors is very large. In most cases, the choice of material depends on the aesthetic ideas of the customer and his material capabilities. Agree, it would be irrational to use cheap plastic gutters in a house with a very expensive copper roof, located in the historical part of the city, or in a chic cottage with a natural tile roof. 

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