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How do I pick a good house?

When choosing a home like Batu 9th Cheras that is suitable for you, the first thing you should consider is the geography. If there is a park or green space with beautiful environment and fresh air, the vicinity can be used for walking and playing, regulating the body and mind, which is good for health; then there are public places of culture, education, health and commerce, such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, pedestrian streets, gymnasiums, morning and evening markets, etc., which are of course better, with convenient transportation and elegant environment, the value of real estate has an upward trend, and the trend of future development soars, and the value-added of real estate becomes more and more sought-after. What exactly makes a house a good house?

In feng shui, completeness, peace and birth are the forces of birth. When choosing a home, when looking at feng shui, the most important thing is to examine the surroundings of the house, followed by the placement of the facilities inside. How can you purchase a satisfactory house that will bring you a lifetime of good fortune? There are some places that must not be chosen, as they often violate feng shui taboos and have a great impact on people.

Avoid houses that are not properly laid out and difficult to decorate

If the internal layout of a house is not correct or if there are corners everywhere, then not only will it be difficult to decorate and place furniture, but also the living space and quality of life will be greatly restricted. If the internal layout and access to the house is inconvenient or uncomfortable for the occupants, the inconvenience and dissatisfaction will accumulate and spread day after day, resulting in an unpleasant mood. This will create disharmony among the occupants of the house and naturally lead to arguments and unhappiness.


The environment includes both the natural and the human environment. The natural environment includes a lot of things, such as whether there are heavy trucks passing by at night, whether there is a high speed railway passing by, whether it is under the flight paths, nuclear power plants, waste treatment plants, cemeteries and so on. The human environment includes the people around the house and whether the quality is high.


It is often said that choosing a house is all about the location. A good location not only keeps the value of the house, but also provides a great convenience for living and travelling. If you have spent a lot of time and effort in choosing a house to build, we definitely want to maximise the use of the house.

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