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Frozen Food Turn Offs

Hey, are you a big fan of frozen food and always watch food videos on social media? Do you often find yourself digging into the fridge early in the morning or even late at night before some so-called freshly cooked branded meal pops out of your microwave in an instant? Well, hey, we are in the same boat. However, I need to tell you that these frozen ones are not the best thing that should get into our tummy every day, mate! What a sad truth, but it is never too late to change.

One of the side effects that you can get is diabetes. This is due to the use of starch in frozen food. It is used to keep the food fresh and maintains its texture, plus, adds some flavours to it. However, many should have forgotten that starch is also a chain of polymer, which means it is another kind of glucose (sugar). Thus, incontrollable consumption of frozen might increase the chance for you to get diabetes in the future.

Next, frozen food is said to increase your blood pressure. This is due to different kind of preservatives which consists of sodium (salt) agent that can augment the blood pressure level in your body. This might also lead to hypertension sometimes. Another cause of eating preservatives from the frozen food is that it might lead to cancer, especially frozen meat which is said to be the cause of pancreatic cancer. No matter how hygienic and high quality the food is whether you get it from frozen meat supplier in New Zealand or even wholesale frozen meat Singapore.

Last but not least is the silent killer of today’s world, the heart disease. This is because frozen food is rich in trans fats and trans fats can lead to contraction of heart as well as clog the arteries if taken in an uncontrollable portion.

In conclusion, to all frozen food lovers out there, I am not writing this article to snatch away your favourite snacks and give you all the wrong image about it. You can still eat your frozen food but you are to watch over the portion you take daily.

Nonentheless, if you wish to search for healthy and halal frozen food, you can check it out here

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