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3 Top Designing Companies In The World

As the human population is increasing at a rapid rate, construction work is becoming a modern sight in urban areas. Most constructions are usually to build more residential buildings to accommodate the ever-increasing human population, causing more deforestation. Despite that, you can’t help but to feel entranced by some of the unique, futuristic designs of these buildings. This is thanks to the efforts and hardwork of interior design companies who helped to create these magnificent-looking designs. Here are some of the popular design companies in the world. 

In Malaysia, we have Norm Designhaus as the most popular Selangor interior design company that has worked on some note-worthy projects such as the Fibrecomm Office for Menara Telekom, The Glades in Putraheights and Pavilion Hilltop in Mont Kiara just to name a few. It has ranked at the top on the lists of many websites as the best interior design company in Malaysia. As the only interior company design to implement the use of virtual reality (VR), many clients feel more confident in their decision to have Norm Designhaus as their designer as VR allows for a more detailed observation on their past projects.

Besides that, Gensler is the biggest American design company that is known throughout the world and have worked on multiple projects such as Shanghai Tower, Adidas in New York City, and headquarters for The Washington Post, Facebook and NVIDIA. With the majority of their designers consisting of young adults, Gensler has always remained at the top of their game as their designers are capable of coming up with modernized and futuristic exterior and interior design that will make your jaw drop. As one of the oldest design companies in America, Gensler has opened their services to focus in more areas making their versatility uncontested.

Finally, Kengo Kuma & Associations is one of the biggest Japanese architecture companies that are responsible for Japan’s most popular wooden structures, the Yusuhara Wooden Bridge. The association builds structures that are purely out of wood as their goal is to promote Japan’s traditional wood structures. By making modern designs out of wood, it demonstrates a certain complexity to the structure and emits a sense of traditional culture that gives you a taste of how medieval Japan looks like. They have built their structures in other countries as well such as the Timber Library in Norway, Haitou’s Waterfront in China with other architects and Botanical Pavillion in Melbourne working with Geoff Nees. In the Iconic Awards 2020, they were awarded with the Architect of the Year award by the German Design Council, placing them at the top of every architecture company in the world.

With that said, each architecture company has their unique style of designing buildings. Although some may have an extremely unique style like Kengo Kuma & Associations, other companies have their own way of designing that may appeal to certain potential clients and ensure that no two shopping malls, residential area and architectures are similar to the other.

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