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3 Healthy and Simple Meal Prep Recipes for Malaysians

To ensure that we would satisfy our Malaysian taste buds, here are 3 healthy meal prep recipes suitable for all Malaysians.

Leftovers are normal in a Malaysian household. We tend to cook so much and would keep it in the fridge for next dinner. Meal prepping is not uncommon for Malaysians. However, often time the meals are quite unhealthy. They would either consist of too much fat, cholesterol or protein. Hence, while we prep our meal, why not go for some alternative – and healthier – recipes? To ensure that we would satisfy our Malaysian taste buds, here are 3 healthy meal prep recipes suitable for all Malaysians.

Spicy Mango Salad (Kerabu Mangga)

Meal Prep Malaysia

Other than its never-ending delicacies, Malaysia is also famous for its fresh fruits and vegetables. Spicy Mango Salad – or known in Malaysia as Kerabu Mangga, is not only a healthy recipe, it also last long when kept in the fridge. A very easy recipe to prepare too!

All you need are some unripe mangoes, chillies, shallots, lime juice, and nuts for garnishing. Peel and slice the mangoes thinly, along with the chillies and onions. Mix them together and add the lime juice, some salt and sugar. Put the mixed ingredients in a container, and you’re good to go! You can garnish the dish when you put it out during meal time. For Malaysians, this dish can be eaten together with some hot rice, or just as it is – like a salad! A truly healthy and refreshing dish.


For some who are not familiar, hinava is a dish similar to the spicy mango salad, but change the mango to seafood instead! This is a traditional dish from Sabah, by the Kadazan-Dusun people. The taste of this dish is quite refreshing, as it is different from the heavy meals Malaysians are accustomed to.

The seafood is up to your choice – fish, shrimp or squid. Make sure to clean it thoroughly and take only the flesh – no bones or skin. Chop them finely, so it would be easy to eat. Mix them together with lime juice, finely sliced chillies, ginger and shallots. Not to worry, the acidity of the lime will cook the seafood well. Similar to the spicy mango salad, you can keep the dish in the fridge (up to a week) or eat it straight away with some hot rice! Yum! 

Crispy Sambal Anchovies

Malaysia is also known for its spicy chilli paste, known better as sambal. The dish generally can be eaten with anything, from rice, to fritters. However, there is a particular recipe that uses sambal to create the most crispy and savoury dish, the crispy sambal anchovies! This dish can last long (even without a fridge) and would stay crispy.

The anchovies would be deep-fried first along with other ingredients, like shallots and tempe (fermented soya). Let the fried ingredients to cool and cook it together with sambal or chilli paste. The crispiness of the anchovies fits so well with the soft texture of hot rice, it’s like heaven in your mouth. 

These easy delicacies are not the only ones that are available as the healthier choice. There are many others that fit the same criteria and would also be suitable for the Malaysian taste buds. Meal prepping can be both time-saving and healthy, if we choose it to be. 
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