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3 Famous Houses In Popular Media

In times of stress and exhaustion, we can always count on our homes to alleviate our pains. These are the places we grew up in, that we live in, where we usually find the most solace and peace. The walls enclose us in a cosy pocket of privacy, and the roof shelters us from raging storms and torrential downpours. Whether you live in a house in Titiwangsa or a Puchong new condo or a Bukit Jelutong condo, the home is a place where we can sleep, where we can unwind, where we can live free from prying eyes. And for fictional characters too, the home acts no different. 

Across fiction, homes have made prevalent appearances throughout most popular media. And why wouldn’t they? Unless our character is some transient vagabond (and sometimes not even then), you’d expect any person – real or fictional – to have a little place carved into the world where they can call their home. And sometimes, these little fictional homes become popular in their own right due to a myriad of reasons – they may become heavily associated with a character, or they may look incredibly strange or unconventional, or perhaps just look so cosy we ourselves would love to live in them. Either way, fictional homes can sometimes earn a place in our hearts just as readily as the fictional character themselves – and that is what this list is about! 

Here are 3 famous houses in popular media! 

1. The Addams Family Home 

The Addams Family was a 1991 American film based on cartoons of the same name, and saw a very peculiar household with a very dark and gothic outlook and a penchant for black clothes. This aesthetic was similarly lent to the exterior and interior of the family home – a foreboding, Gothic cluster of buildings hewn from stolid grey brick, tall arched windows, and high roofs lined with spiked black fences. The house has a very distinct, very medieval look to it; like a relic stolen from another time and placed threateningly around a huddle of gnarled bare trees. 

Basically, the Addams Family home, much like the family itself, much resembles something haunted, ancient, and dark – a house you wouldn’t dare step into for fear of taking something unseemly back with you when you leave. 

2. Hobbit House 

From the tall, dark, and foreboding to the short, bright, and cosy, the Hobbit House is a house conjured from the mind and creativity of famous author J. R. R. Tolkein. These houses are home to a fictional fantasy species known as Hobbits, who are short humanoid creatures with large feet and pointed ears. To fit their stature and their penchant for calm and peace, the hobbits live in tiny homes dug into meadows themselves, built of warm brick and fashioned into round shapes. This creates an adorable looking house – topped with verdant grass, crowded with bright bushes, and fronted by a circular door, it really does look like something straight out of a fairy tale. 

3. 221b Baker Street 

Perhaps no flat in the world is as famous as the legendary 221b Baker Street, which housed one of the most marvelous, brilliant, and popular fictional detectives of all time – Sherlock Holmes. The flat was one he shared with his closest and only friend Dr. Watson, as well as his long-suffering landlady Mrs. Hudson. While originally a home of pure fiction, 221b Baker Street was recreated in full and can actually be accessed in real world London as a dutiful homage to the detective that had lived in it – a quaint little home that opens to the curb, is fronted by a black door with a golden knocker, and welcomes tourists from far and wide to see the cluttered rooms of the genius detective for themselves. 

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